The system is part of the problem

The current MLB drug testing system is flawed.

In the past it has been easy for players who are using performance-enhancing drugs to elude the testing system.  With less than a week’s notice, players could take synthetic testosterone gels and creams to remove traces of a body’s steroid intake and pass a league drug test.

However, fortunately, this year the MLB is implementing a new system  to involve more comprehensive testing strategies.  In the past, HGH testing only occurred before the season and during the season only if presented with reasonable cause.  Now, every player will undergo unannounced tests during the season, making it more difficult to cheat the system.  This is a change to the 2006 MLB-created “Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment program” that had been in place until this season.

This is good for baseball.  There will definitely be some (including the Players’ Union) that feel this is crossing the line and even invading player privacy rights.  However, they brought this upon themselves by constantly formulating new ways to avoid detection and continue taking steroids.

Bleacherreport’s Ian Casselberry brings up the point that MLB testing programs may never catch up to the creative ways that players and private organizations think up to give them even a slight edge.

This is a great start for the MLB, but only time will tell how effective the new system will be, and if we (fans included) need another system overhaul.


MLB Commissioner Bud Selig has led the battle against steroids.


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